Today’s top News : 20th August 2021

जानिए hame garm pani subah kyo pina chahiye ?

Earthworm kechuwa kaise paida hota hai aur uski umra kitani hoti hai ?

ham kyo bad-badate hai  ?

साथ ही साथ current affairs करंट अफेयर्स की हलचल के साथ-साथ अपना अंग्रेजी भाषा का ज्ञान भी बढ़ाए।

आज के इस न्यूज़ में angreji sikhane अंग्रेजी सीखने के साथ-साथ यह भी जानिए कि…. रोजाना आप इसी तरह यदि इस नॉलेजेबल न्यूज़ का अध्ययन करते रहे तो आपका सामान्य ज्ञान तो बढ़ेगा ही और साथ ही साथ आप कौन बनेगा करोड़पति तथा the Big picture प्रतियोगिता में भी भाग लेने के लिए सक्षम रहेंगे।

Today’s top News : 20th August 2021
News at a glance

t4unews: As per our correspondent Today’s top News : 20th August 2021


  1. PM Modi will inaugurate and lay the foundation stone of various projects worth 83 crore rupees at the historic Somnath Temple in Gujarat today (20 Aug) through video conference.


  1. Union Minister Jitendra Singh has said that govt will set up a separate Civil Services Exam Centre for Ladakh to be located at Leh. Centre at Leh which will operate for the first time for the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination 2021, scheduled to be held on 10th of October this year.



  1. President Ram Nath Kovind underwent Cataract surgery at the Army Research & Referral Hospital in New Delhi,. The surgery was successful and he has been discharged from the hospital.


  1. Ministry of Home Affairs has recommended a preliminary enquiry by CBI into the alleged irregularities in procurement of one thousand low-floor buses by Delhi government.



  1. Information and Broadcasting Minister, Youth Programme and Sports Minister Anurag Singh Thakur on five-day tour to Himachal Pradesh as part of his Jan Ashirwad Yatra.


  1. Autumn Session of Meghalaya Assembly starts from 10 Sep to 17 Sept.



  1. The MK Stalin-led Tamil Nadu government will soon introduce a resolution to scrap the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). The state government has been against having a common medical entrance exam. Tamil Nadu had also constituted a committee to study the relevance of NEET as an entrance exam for medical studies


  1. Calcutta High Court tells CBI to probe post-poll violence in West Bengal.


The CBI and Special Investigation Team will submit their findings to the High Court within six weeks will submit their findings to the High Court within six weeks.


  1. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar said he along with representatives of all the parties in the state will meet PM Modi on August 23 to discuss the issue of a caste-based census.


  1. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh during the launch of DISC 5 (Defence India Startup Challenge) in New Delhi on 19 Aug (Thursday) through video conferencing. Recently, the Defence Minister had approved a budget of nearly 500 crore rupees for the next five years to support over 300 startups and foster innovation in defence & aerospace sectors.



  1. The Defence Research and Development Organisation has developed an advanced chaff technology, which is used to distract enemy’s radar-guided missiles, to safeguard Indian Air Force fighter jets from enemy missiles.


  1. A Junior Commissioned Officer of Indian Army martyred in a fierce gun fight with terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district on 19 Aug (Thursday) in which a terrorist was also killed.



  1. Seventy-two women officers from the Indian Army have issued a legal notice to the defence ministry over strict compliance with the Supreme Court order on granting permanent commission to females in the force.






  1. Addressing a UNSC briefing on threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts, external affairs minister S Jaishankar said,

Whether it is in Afghanistan or against India, groups like LeT, JeM continue to operate with impunity and encouragement.


  1. International Bow Day ???? is observed on August 19 to cherish the glory of bows and how have they have evolved over the years. Bows appear in a series of permutations, from gracing the neck of the wisest men to enhancing the looks of gowns or being simply used as a hair accessory. Bows can be made of any material, from ribbons, or latex, to plastic, or even grass.





  1. Deposed Afghan President Ashraf Ghani supports talks between Taliban and former president Hamid Karzai. Ashraf Ghani said from the United Arab Emirates that he supported those negotiations and is in talks to return home.


  1. At least three people were killed in anti-Taliban protests in the Afghan city of Jalalabad. More than a dozen people injured after Taliban fighters opened fire on protesters in the eastern city.



  1. At least three killed, 50 wounded when a bomb explosion ripped through Shiite Muslim procession in Pakistan on 19 Aug.


  1. The son of Ahmad Shah Massoud, son of the former mujahideen commander, one of the main leaders of Afghanistan’s anti-Soviet resistance in the 1980s, has pledged to hold out against the Taliban from his stronghold in the Panjshir valley.



  1. The Panjshir valley north of Kabul is still littered with the wrecked carcasses of Soviet armoured vehicles destroyed in unsuccessful battles to conquer it, and the region also held out against the Taliban when they ruled Afghanistan in 1996-2001.


  1. Afghan national team footballer died in a fall from a US plane at Kabul airport on 16 Aug, the Afghan news agency Ariana said. Zaki Anwari fell from a USAF Boeing C-17 and that the death had been confirmed by the General Directorate for Sport.



  1. Pak police arrest 15 people for harassing, molesting YouTuber girl

Hundreds of young men can be seen in the videos throwing the girl in the air for fun, dragging her, tearing her clothes and molesting her. The incident took place on August 14 when hundreds of youngsters were celebrating Independence Day at Azadi Chowk near Minar-i-Pakistan in Lahore.  Pak PM Imran Khan has also taken notice of the sexual assault of the girl and ordered IGP Inam Ghani to arrest those responsible for the assault.


  1. Abu Dhabi has updated its border entry rules for vaccinated people. The emirate’s Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Committee announced those who are inoculated or took part in clinical trials for vaccines can enter the capital if they have green pass status and an active E or star icon on Al Hosn app.



 SPORTS:  ÷÷÷÷÷


  1. Indian contingent leaves for upcoming Tokyo Paralympics. The 54 member contingent was accorded a warm send-off at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport by officials of Sports Ministry, Sports Authority of India and Paralympic Committee of India.


  1. The Paralympics Games will be held from the 24th of this month to 5th of September. India will start their campaign from 25th August with para table tennis where Bhavina Patel and Sonal Patel will be in action.



  1. Renowned athletics coach O.M Nambiar, who nurtured one of India’s greatest track and field stars PT Usha, died here on Thursday (August 19) due to age-related illness. He was 89.




USD 74.43 ????GBP 101.47

         In Bhopal (MP)

????Gold ₹48,795@10 gm 24 (Krt)

???? Silver ₹67,400@ Kg

⛽ Petrol ₹ 110.03

⛽ Diesel ₹ 98.09


 LPG : ₹ 866/14.2 Kg


BSE Sensex  55,629.49

NIFTY : 16,568.85


      ????????FACTS ABOUT INDIA???????? #########################


BHOPAL : The capital of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal was built on the site of the 11th Century City of Bhojpal, founded by the Parmara King Bhoj (1000-1055). The city was originally known as Bhojpal. According to this theory, it was later changed to Bhopal.




 Meditation is realizing and expanding your inner beauty in every direction.    


  WHY ❓



 The word “ Muharram “ means “Forbidden” and is derived from the word harām, meaning “sinful”. It is held to be the second holiest month, following Ramadan. Some Muslims fast during these days. The tenth day of Muharram is the Day of Ashura, which to Shia Muslims is part of the Mourning of Muharram.


Sunni Muslims fast during this day, because it is recorded in the hadith that Musa (Moses) and his people obtained a victory over the Egyptian Pharaoh on the 10th day of Muharram; accordingly Muhammad asked Muslims to fast on this day that is Ashura and on a day before that is 9th.


They observe and respect Muharram as the month that killed Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad and son of Ali, in the Battle of Karbala.


The Battle of Karbala took place on Muharram 10, in the year 61 AH of the Islamic calendar (October 10, 680 AD) in Karbala, situated in present-day Iraq. The battle was between a small group of supporters and relatives of Muhammad’s grandson Hussein ibn Ali, and a much larger military detachment from the forces of Yazid I, the Umayyad caliph, to whom Hussein had refused to give an oath of allegiance. Hussein and all his supporters were killed, including Hussein’s six-month-old infant son, The dead are regarded as martyrs by both Sunni and Shia Muslims.


 ???? HOW IT WORKS ⁉ ============================


for more knowledge of earthworm ...clik here

Earthworms are hermaphrodites, so individuals have both female and male organs. They mate by aligning themselves in opposite directions at their gonadal openings and exchanging packets of sperm. Each earthworm will form an egg capsule in its clitellum and pass it into the environment. The egg capsule is golden brown and looks like a tiny lemon the size of a match head. Two to seven Eisenia fetida babies (three, on average) will hatch from an egg capsule in 30 to 75 days. Earth worm life expectancy is approximately 4½ to five years.


Do worms have eyes?

No, not really. Instead, they have cells called receptors that can sense whether it’s light or dark. This allows worms to tell if they’re underground or above ground.


Worms have the ability to regrow lost tissue & can survive losing parts of their body. Mature worms have a swollen gland just below the head, known as a clitellum. If cut below this gland, the worm will be able to regenerate the tissue it has lost.



       GK TODAY  



Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), 1958 is an act of the Parliament of India that grant special powers to the Indian Armed Forces the power to maintain public order in “disturbed areas”.


According to the Disturbed Areas (Special Courts) Act, 1976 once declared ‘disturbed’, the area has to maintain status quo for a minimum of 3 months. One such act passed on 11 September 1958 was applicable to the Naga Hills, then part of Assam. In the following decades it spread, one by one, to the other Seven Sister States in India’s northeast (at present, it is in force in the States of Assam, Nagaland, Manipur {excluding Imphal Municipal Council Area}, Changlang, Longding and Tirap districts of Arunachal Pradesh, An act passed in 1990 was applied to Jammu and Kashmir and has been in force since.


(a)       To arrest without a warrant anyone who has committed cognizable offences or is reasonably suspected.


(b)      Stop and search any vehicle.



© Destroy any arms dump, hide-outs of absconders wanted for any offence.


(c)       Fire upon or use other kinds of force even if it causes death, against the person who is acting against law.


€ Army officers have legal immunity for their actions. There can be no prosecution.






Rajiv Gandhi ( 20 August 1944 – 21 May 1991) was  served as the 6th PM of India from 1984 to 1989. He took office after the 1984 assassination of his mother, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, to become the youngest Indian PM at the age of 40.






VARA MAHALAKSHMI VRATHA is a festival to propitiate the Goddess Lakshmi.  Here (Vara = boon, Lakshmi = goddess of wealth, Vratha= Pooja)


It is an important pooja performed by many women in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu. The festival of Varalakshmi Vratam is observed by most of the married ladies for the well-being of their husbands & house. A special procedure is observed by all the women to wish to observe this Pooja. ‘Varalakshmi Vratam’ falls on Shravana Paksha Shukravar.


It is believed that worshipping the Goddess Varalakshmi on this day is equivalent to worshipping Ashtalakshmi – the eight goddesses of Wealth, Earth, Wisdom, Love, Fame, Peace, Contentment, and Strength.


HEALTH CARE: HOME REMEDIES ============================

 What Are the Benefits of Drinking Hot Water?


Hot water may also improve digestion, relieve congestion.


A cup of hot water creates steam & taking a deep inhale of this gentle vapor can help loosen clogged sinuses and even relieve a sinus headache.This action has widely accepted in covid period .

 It also aids in weight loss.


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